My Minecraft world!!!

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What's new?

hoo boy. I downloaded worldedit. I ended up moving the build to a new world entirely, with a new worldgen pack that lets me have different biomes while still being superflat! I made the olympian mountains in a day without all the time and effort of making a whole mountain by hand. Hyperborea is definitely finished completely, and all the other seasonal towns are in various states of finished/polished. the next update here will hopefully, if the fates allow it without messing everything up, in at least 1.19.2. Because yes, I have been running on 1.19.0 this entire time.

Date link Progress
26 November 2022 link here Started messing with the ocean, finished up posidons isle and moved some villagers around.
6 March 2023 link here filled the ocean around posidons isle, started on snowd'in, and completely destroyed the original castle, with its replacement in the process of building